Former James Bond actor says Indian Pan Masala brand cheated him

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James Bond actor

The former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan told the authorities a paan masala brand cheated him to promote their brand.

He has asked for an explanation for his presence in an ad for Pan Bahar which is an addictive form of tobacco.

A senior official said that the actor was not revealed about the hazardous nature of the product by Ashok and Co. when he was employed by the company in one of its ads.

“He wrote a written reply to the Delhi State Tobacco Control Cell. It stated that he was cheated by the company as the latter did not disclose the hazardous nature of the product including other terms and conditions of the contract of advertisement,” Additional Director of Health, S K Arora told the media.

The firm has not replied to the actor’s statement. It had told the BBC in 2016 that the product did not contain tobacco. Earlier the Hollywood actor had also condemned the unauthorized use of his image in a Pan Bahar ad the same year.

The Delhi Govt issued a legal notice to which Brosnan replied that his agreement with the company was over. He is ready for all kind of support and coöperation to the department against such campaigns.

Brosnan told a local Magazine that the original contract was an ad of a breath freshener/ tooth whitener that included no harmful ingredient.

Law in India under Cigarette and other tobacco product Act, 2003 prohibits all advertisement of tobacco products. The Govt could have caused the actor an imprisonment of 2 years with a fine of Rs 5000.

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