Madhya Pradesh: Girl beheaded in front of School

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A 17-year-old girl student was killed by a man on her way to school in Kotma village of Anuppur district on Thursday. She was hit thrice on her head until she died and fell to the ground.

Amid a violent story of crime, an 11th-grade student was allegedly beheaded by a stalker in the Central Indian city of Annupur. On Thursday, the 17 years old was walking from Nigwani road, she was on her way to school. She had her biology practical at around 1 PM.  Half-an-hour before the practicals, the accused beheaded her in front of the school gate and ran away.

An eyewitness said that a man started beating her. He then attacked her neck thrice with a sword. After which he threw the sword and fled away, Pooja died on the spot. All that was left was her body and blood on the ground. The victim, Pooja Patnaik belongs to a village named Kotma situated 19 miles away from the city.

He further added that he was 20 feet away from the crime scene, he tried to intervene and shouted at him to stop. At that time all the students were inside the school premises. Teachers kept the students away from the horrific crime scene until police removed the body.

This situation has raised an alarm among the local police officials. Pooja’s family talked about the possible suspects. The police arrested the accused, Dilip Sahu from his home on the same day.

Fresh reports suggest that the stalker continued to stalk her from last four years.

The sub-divisional officer, Vijay Singha told the media that in 2014, the girl had a filed a complaint of eve-teasing against Dilip and a criminal investigation was done on the matter.

The investigation is taking place in the matter and the cops are trying to find out more regarding the case.

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