Goa: Authorities banned loudspeaker at burial ground

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The City Corporation of Panaji (CCP) in Goa has reportedly banned the recital of prayers via loudspeaker during Muslim burial ceremonies to ensure public peace and tranquility.

The prayers through public address system or loudspeaker were banned at one of the largest Muslim burial grounds in the city.

Following the decision conducted by the City Corporation of Panaji (CCP), massive controversy has been raised in the city.

While interacting with the media, CCP Commissioner Ajit Roy said in a statement, “Muslim leaders told us prayers are done on loudspeakers only in mosques and if it’s being done on the burial ground, it’s wrong. They asked us to issue public notice so that people know and take note that someone is doing something which is unacceptable in that community”.

The residents of St Inez have filed a petition urging that the prayers at the Muslim burial ground should not be conducted using the loudspeaker.

The notice which was issued in the same reads, “Residents of the surrounding localities at St Inez have brought it to his attention that prayers are being conducted through loudspeakers at very high decibel levels at the burial ground of Muslims at St Inez”.

It was further added, “There is a Hindu crematorium and Christian cemetery beside the burial ground in St Inez. We received complaints that prayers are performed in the burial ground on loudspeakers. So we held a meeting with all religious leaders on this matter”.

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