Government of India has launched a mobile application to manage stress

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Stress Management

Abundance of things are going on around us, there is a changing sequence of situation from demonization to poor air quality, late working hours to irregular habits which has not only created trouble in our lives but has almost killed it.

Just to focus on healthy lifestyles and ensure every citizen gets the benefit, Government of India has taken an initiative to launch an anti- stress mobile application.

“No More Tension” is one of the stress management application launched by Union minister of health and family welfare, Jagat Prakash Nadda (9 November 2016). The application helps users to manage stress and provides detailed information about stress, its effects and symptoms.

The application further allows the users to measure their stress level and learn various stress relieving techniques like yoga and meditation. After user downloads the app, they can create their profile with informations like name, gender, weight, height etc.Currently, the application is available to download on Google play, App store and will be soon available on Windows too.

Not only this, Union minister of health and family welfare, Jagat Prakash Nadda has also launched a quarterly health magazine named, “Swasth Bharat Ek Pehal” (Healthy India Initiative). The magazine will cover all informations related to health and raise awareness about healthy living and its importance. It will also cover distinctive aspects of health related to safe medication practices, daily nutritional needs, children’s, women health issues, elderly people,  seasonal ailments, home remedies and many more. Magazine will be free of cost and will soon be available in all government hospitals and centres.

Let’s hope that the initiative taken by our government will be of immense importance to everyone. People will get the best advantage to use the eminities efficiently.

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