Gujarati family delays Bhopal flight by two hours

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A domestic flight of Jet Airways from Mumbai to Bhopal has to delay its departure by two hours on Friday, after a gathering of travelers declined to give the plane a chance to fly until the airlines adjusted the rest of the individuals from their wedding party on a similar flight.

A spokesperson from the airlines said that, “The off loaded guests-part of a larger group, refused to accept the airlines offer of compensation on alternative flights and together with other members of the group, proceeded to hold the flight”.

The airlines said in a statement that, “A technical glitch resulted in Jet Airways flight 9W 7083 (S2 4621) on 2 December, being overbooked.This resulted in confirmed guests on the flight being denied boarding”.

Gujarati family who guaranteed to be associated with a “powerful minister” frightens the authorities that their other family members who are late should be accommodated and the flight should not  take off without them.

However, a group of 80 people had booked the flight to go to a wedding in Bhopal. But among those 80 individuals, 17 arrived late which resulted in the cancellation of their booking.

The empty seats were then distributed to different passengers.

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