Gurgaon: Auto driver rapes his teenage niece

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In an alarming incident, a man was arrested by the Gurgaon Police for allegedly raping his teenage niece and poisoning her on Saturday.

It was reported that the man has been raping his 17-year-old niece for last four months and has poisoned her on Saturday night.

Following this, the girl died on Sunday morning after giving her statement to the police.

After giving poison to his niece the accused also consumed the poison, Police said.

In a statement, the girl accused his uncle for raping her from last three – four months and quoted, “Her uncle had been sexually assaulting her for the last 3-4 months. She said she kept quiet because he had threatened her with dire circumstances”.

Adding further to this she also stated that on a regular basis the accused used to give her some pills.

It was learnt that by profession the accused is an auto driver and survived by four children and family in Gurgaon from last 10 years.

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