Haze Hits Delhi-NCR Hazardously

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Pollution hits at alarming level by leaving Delhi-NCR breathless. A heavy layer of gray haze has submerged air quality hazardously.

People are suffering due to this fierce condition which has reached to it’s extreme level. There are many reasons which deteriorated air quality ,Usually air quality worsened due to road dust, open fires, vehicle exhaust fumes, burning of garbage , industrial emissions , dust from construction projects and the burning of crop residues in neighboring states. Especially ” Post Diwali”, due to fireworks the pollution level in the air increased.

It’s not the first time that Delhi has witnessed deplorable air quality. According to India Meteorological Department , Delhi-NCR faced this worst smog with poor visibility after 17 years. As it’s almost a decade since air quality gradually started deteriorating.

This Haze left people feeling suffocated , irritation in eyes , wheezing , uncomfortable and other respiratory problems, which led to patients queuing up at hospitals. Many schools have either decided to shut down for few days or ended outdoor activities. The choking smog and low-visibility conditions have battered road, railways and air traffic in Delhi as well as NCR. Recently due to this haze conditions causes cancellation of Ranji trophy match.

Over the last two years, the government also took broader decisions like odd-even rules, banning diesel cars and putting the heavy taxes on diesel commercial transports , launched change the air application where people can send pictures of their neighbors, residents or anyone, burning garbages in parks to construction crew without using dust measures.

Delhi CM , Arvind Kejriwal said Delhi Haze condition urgently need emergency measures , as he referred Capital to Gas Cylinder as pollution has increased to that extent. He also said that there is need of Central and State government to work together to curb this massive issue of pollution as Delhi Government has very methods at its disposal.

An emergency meeting was held at Arvind Kejriwal’s residence on Sunday, with all the ministers and senior officials of health and environment department. Where after deliberation he said all schools will remain closed for three days and the odd and even rule may return. All construction and demolitions will be banned for 5 days and water will be sprinkled on roads. Badarpur Thermal power station will be closed for 10 days and a ban has also been placed on diesel generators for 10 days. He also said that strict action will be taken against the burning of garbage or other materials.

So let’s hope, these initiative taken by the government will help to curb this massive situation. From everyone has to come together to fight against this evil called pollution and make the city healthy.

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