How to identify the Difference Between fake and real Rs 2000 and Rs 500 currency notes

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The sudden announcement of Demonetisation created lots of confusion and hoax across the country in identifying the difference between real and fake new currency notes of Rs 2000 and Rs 500.

Recently two persons were arrested by police in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh over their involvement in printing fake currency notes and four arrested in Sangrur, Punjab for printing fake currency, including newly introduced Rs 2,000 notes.

Printing of fake currency notes doesn’t ends here only, there are number of news coming from various parts of the country, that people are printing fake new currency notes.

Here we have enlisted major key points which will help you to identify real currency notes of Rs 2000 and 500 :

The New Rs 2,000 note is in magenta, the Rs 500 note is in stone gray color.

Seven angular  “bleed lines”  on the side of the Rs 2,000 notes and five lines on Rs 500 notes are in raised print.

Numeric 500 and 2,000 printed on the right side of the notes changes colour when seen at from different angles.

Picture of Mahatma Gandhi with RBI written on his Spectacle which can be read by using magnifying glass in front side of the notes and a picture of Mars orbiter Mangalyaan is printed on the reverse side of Rs 2000 note on the other hand a picture of red fort on back side of Rs 500 note.

Color changing security thread on both of Rs 500 and 2000 currency notes in which RBI and 2000  is inscripted on Rs 2000 note and 500  is inscripted on Rs 500 note respectively.

Watermark of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait and electrotype of 2000 and 500 watermark.

Numeric 2000 and 500 is written respectively in Devnagari script on the left-hand side of Mahatma Gandhi’s picture.

RBI Governor’s signature with promise clause and RBI emblem towards right on both currency notes.

Note number with numerals increasing from small to big on top left and bottom right sides of both currency notes.

There are nine white dots in bottom and eleven white dots on the top of Rs 2000 currency notes and sixteen white dots on the right bottom on the reverse side of the note.

In Rs 500 currency note there are 8 white dots on left top and eighteen white dots on the right top on the reverse side of the note.

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