Hyderabad: Hyderabad university puts suspension of 10 students on hold

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Following the suspension of the students in the University of Hyderabad, in a recent development,  the University has decided to hold the suspension order until the further meeting takes place.

It was reported that on 3 November, a girl student was allegedly found inside the men’s hostel after the allotted time. The incident came into notice when a group of guards conducted a raid for the presence of a woman student inside the boy’s hostel.

An official said in a statement, “We have decided to allow the students to take their end semester exams if they meet the requirements of attendance, practical marks and so on”.

It was learned that the management has allegedly suspended at least 10 students to protect a hostel warden accused of sexual harassment.

Sreerag P,  Students union president said, “Normalcy should be restored to the campus. UoH is the first university that punished an elected GSCash representative for doing her duty on the night of the incident”.

A press release reads, “The allegations of manhandling is a complete fabrication. There were about 10 security guards present throughout the scene and also the Telangana police reached the hostel in no time. Plus there was no complaint made to the police at the spot about any manhandling. Neither were the wardens taken to any Hospital or health center. The manhandling complaint is completely fabricated to target the students”.

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