Indian Flag insult: after Indian Flag on doormat, now Amazon puts Indian Flag emblem on shoes

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After Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj expressed great anger and demands for an unconditional apology towards the E-commerce company Amazon for showing disrespect to the Indian Flag which features the Indian flag emblem on the doormat.

Although, the E-retailer giant company Amazon had removed the doormat from one of its website which showed the disrespect to the Indian flag. But it seems like the end of the trouble for the company is still not being over.

Recently, it was found that Amazon may have pulled off the doormat which humiliated the country by showing disrespect to the Indian flag, but other products which insult the Indian flag emblem is still available on the site. The US arm of the Canada is in the recent buzz as after featuring Indian flag on the doormat, now it is offering Indian flag women’s canvas shoes.

Apart from Amazon, another e-commerce giant like American online retailer “cafe press” is also selling products which insult India. It is offering dog coats with Indian national emblem printed on it.


However, showing disrespect to the national flag is a punishable offense and can lead a deep trouble of three years in jail.

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