Indian Railway Launches: India’s First Solar Powered DEMU Train

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On Friday, Indian Railways launched its first ever 1600 HHP solar powered DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Unit )local train from Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi with a facility of the battery bank that provides enough power during the absence of sunlight.

The train will run from Sarai Rohilla, Delhi to Farukh Nagar, Haryana.As per the railway department, this is the first DEMU train which has coaches with solar panels.The solar energy system fitted into the train would result in saving around 5.25 lakh liters of diesel.The train do have other facilities as well to such as luggage rakes, many proper water facilities, lights, fans much more.

The train has six coaches with around 16 solar panel fitted in each coach with cushioned seats along with a display board on each coach. The train will replace the non-solar train of the same route from Sarai Rohilla to Farukh Nagar.

The train fares remain the same.The total time taken in the entire route would be 1.5 hours. The train has a total of 16 solar panels of 300 watts.This move will save diesel which is equivalent of Rs 2 lakh per coach per annum.

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