Indian secularists are very selective says, Taslima Nasrin in her new book launch

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The Allahabad High Court said in its order that, “Triple Talaq is unconstitutional; it violates the rights of Muslim women. No Personal Law Board is above the Constitution”.

The Exiled Bangladeshi author ‘Taslima Nasrin’ said that she sometimes felt that “Indian secularists are very selective”.

The Bangladeshi author quoted on the occasion of her new book launch ‘Exile’, a memoir in Thiruvananthapuram.

In context to her journey from one country to another she quoted that, “Some writers in West Bengal also wanted me to leave that state. I do not know why they said that. Some time I wonder why they do that”.

In sight of giving the light about her work experience she said, “I am not greedy for any big prize, award”, “my books are read by ordinary people”.

The Allahabad High Court on Thursday has given the term to the practice of Triple Talaq followed by the Muslim men to divorce a woman by uttering the word “Talaq” thrice as unconstitutional.

When it was asked about “Islamophobia” in some Western countries she replied, I think secular, humanist, peace loving Muslims should fight the extreme right wings and also the Islamic terrorist”.

While interacting with the media, she also welcomed Allahabad High Court observation on ‘Triple Talaq’ and said “it is high time that India abolished it.”

On the other hand, expressing her views on ‘Triple Talaq’, she respected the Allahabad High Court’s decision on the act of ‘Triple Talaq’ by saying, “Islam as a religion does not sanction practices like this. Basically all religions, whether it’s Hinduism or Islam, have discriminatory practices against women”.

In a statement she said, “I have been travelling from country to country as I have been denied entry to my motherland. India is like an aunt. If you cannot be with your mother, the next best option is to be with your aunt. India with its colors, people and diversity is my home now. I want to live, work and die here. I could never relate to Europe and could not live there”.


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