Industrialist Vijay Mallya’s Twitter account hacked

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Vijay Mallya is always in news , as this time his twitter and email accounts were allegedly hacked by a group called ‘Legion’ on  Friday.

Apparently, same group of hackers also hacked Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and INC twitter handle too according to the reports.

In a slew of tweets, the hackers shared his personal details including his all login passwords, address, phone number in London, the list of luxury cars and some documents on his investment and other details related to his London residence.

The group also tweeted “Legion will release a list of all documents pertaining to mallya over the course of few days. More info on Mallya’s bank accounts & foreign assets will be published as the investigation is completed in some other matters”.

Mallya tweeted “My account has been hacked by someone called Legion who are tweeting now in my name. Simply ignore. Will fix this”.




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