IPS wife Ajeetha Begum takes the charge from her husband Satheesh Bino who is also an IPS officer

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Recently a historical moment takes place in the Kollam city of Kerela when an outgoing IPS police officer handed over the charges to his wife who is also an IPS officer. This happened for the first time.

The moment becomes memorable in the life of Satheesh Bino a city police chief, has been transferred as superintendent of police for the district of Pathanamthitta has handed over his charge to the other IPS officer who is none other than to his wife Ajeetha Begum Kollam police commissioner.

Satheesh Bino took place as a Kollam city commissioner in June 2016. Both couples married on 2011 and were brought to Kerala.

It was a proud moment for both the couples as it happened for the first when a husband gives his charge to his wife.

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