Irom Sharmila: Manipuri activist to marry long-time British friend

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Manipuri activist, Irom Sharmila who is also known as the Iron Lady of Manipur is set to enter the new phase of her life after she filed an application to get married to her long-time British friend Desmond Coutinho on Wednesday.

It was reported that Human rights activist Irom Sharmila visited the sub registrar’s office in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu to register her marriage with her long-time British friend Desmond Coutinho.

While speaking to the media, Manipuri activist, Irom Sharmila said her search for peace ended in Kodaikanal.

When asked about whether she will continue to fight against the issues or not, she replied, “Anyone is free to fight for his or her rights in free India. And I will rise up to the occasion if the need arises”.

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