It’s a decision day for CBSE’s Class 12 results

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In a recent development, it was discovered that the CBSE results for the class 12th exams will be declared on Saturday evening.

After many delays of the class 12th results, Central Board of Secondary Education has finally fixed a date for declaring the result.

In a statement, an official said, “Results will be declared in light of the High Court’s directions and keeping our declared five-point moderation policy in mind. There will be strictly no spiking of marks and the decision taken in the April meeting will also be followed”.

For checking the results, students can visit the below websites for checking their results:

It was learnt that the Delhi High Court had ordered Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to announce the results of the students without making any further delays which can also affect their admission process in different colleges.

What about grace marks???

If a student scores more than 40 in most of the subjects, but fails to pass in one, lacking just from two marks, then in that case the student will be given grace marks.

In another case, it says if a student has got 89% overall then the student will be awarded by 90% to get placed in the A1 grade.

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