Jaipur: Municipal Corporation makes national anthem song mandatory

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The Jaipur Municipal Corporation in Rajasthan has told its employees to sing the national anthem every day at 9:55 AM and national song at 5:55 PM starting from today.

Mayor Ashok Lahoti, said that by the end of this month the national anthem and song would be made mandatory to sing at all zonal offices and fire stations.

Lahoti said in a statement, “This is to develop a positive work culture in the office. The national anthem will be played at 9.50 am and national song at 5.55 pm and all the staff will be present and pay respect”.

It was reported that the civic body made the announcement to sing the national anthem every morning before starting their duty and Vande Mataram just after completing their work in the evening.

Adding further to this he said, “Wherever we are in the office premises, we will stand and pay respect when the national anthem and national song are played”.

He said the national song will be played on the speakers in the evening after singing the song, employees can go to their places.

The Jaipur Municipal Corporation says this initiative will help the individual to bring a sense of “patriotism” among themselves.

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