Jayalalithaa: A life of an iconic movie star, who steps into politics

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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, one of the popular political figure who passed away on Monday late evening following cardiac failure, after an prolonged ill health.She was admitted to Chennai’s Apollo Hospital on Sunday in Critical Care Unit.

Jayalalithaa life’s journey is not less than a movie script filled with drama and mixed emotions.

Jayalalithaa was popularly known as Amma, who was admitted to the Apollo Hospital on September 22 with complaints of fever, dehydration andcongestion. She was kept under intensive care unit and was last seen in public in September.

And the journey begins:

June 24, 1991: A historic day when  Jayalalithaa sworn-in as a Chief Minister after she became a  AIADMK leader after enormous votes won in an assembly elections

May, 1996: A controversy which came in her way during her tenure period, she was charged for Corruption which made the party lost its position and DMK came to the power

July 11, 1996: Janata Party leader Dr. Subramanian Swamyfiled a private complaint in a court accusing Jayalalithaa of amassing wealth worth Rs 66.65 crores

December 7, 1996: Jayalalithaa was arrested under the charges of corruption

April, 1997: DMK Government had set up three special courts to try 47 corruption cases against Jayalalithaa, her former cabinet colleagues and others

June 4, 1997: Charge-sheeted in Disproportionate Asset case

October, 2000: A special court in Chennai convicts that Jayalalithaa got caught is TANSI land acquisition case

May 14, 2001: Jayalalithaa leads AIADMK made a massive win in the assembly elections; later she sworn for the post of Chief Minister, the fact that she was disqualified to contest elections.

December 4, 2001: Madras High Court acquits Jayalalithaa in the TANSI case and Pleasant Stay Hotel case.

February 21, 2002: Jayalalithaa elected to Assembly in a by poll from Andipatti constituency.

March 2, 2002: Jayalalithaa sworn for a Chief Minister post. In the DA case, three public prosecutors resign as senior counsel.

November 18, 2003: After a petition filed by DMK, Supreme Court transfers the trial case to Bengaluru.

2003: She was later allowed to contest elections; wins from Andipatti and comes back on the seat of CM.

January 23, 2004: She was proved innocent by a special court in the SPIC disinvestment case of Rs 28.28 core.

February 19, 2005: Karnataka Government appoints B V Acharya, a former advocate general, as Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) to conduct the prosecution in DA case.

May 11, 2006: Year 2006 has lead AIADMK loses in assembly elections, and rival political party comes back to power.

May 16, 2011: Jayalalithaa leads AIADMK to victory in assembly polls; returns as CM for the third time; rift with Sasikala widens

August 28, 2014: She was convicted and sentenced by court in Disproportionate Assets case

October 18, 2014: A relief for the iconic political leader Jayalalithaa granted bail by Supreme Court.

2015: Misses court acquittal, paving way for her return as CM.

2016: For the first time in 32 years, a chief minister is selected for a consecutive second term in the state. AIADMK front wins 134 seats and the DMK front gets only 98 seats.

2016: Elected for a consecutive period of 2nd term; after battling for 74 days in hospital, dies at Apollo Hospital on December 5 at the age of 68.

We should feel sorrow, but not sink under its oppression. Grief changes shape, but it never ends.


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