JNU is All set to celebrate its second convocation after 46 Years of Gap

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After a hold of 46 Years, JNU decided to host its second convocation for the Ph.D. students only.

JNU decided to celebrate its second convocation after a long period of the gap of 46 years. The date is not yet decided but as per the sources most probably it will be conducted at the end week of February and only for the Ph.D. students of the university.

The first convocation at Jawaharlal Nehru University was held in 1972 after which the university never conducted the convocation due to the radical speech in the first convocation which was given by the then JNU Students’ Union President VC Koshy who changed his already approved speech by then vice-chancellor G Parthasarathy at the last moment  and delivered a harsh speech at the convocation which was somewhere against the administration.

JNU invited well-known theatre actor Balraj Sahni in their first convocation as a premium guest who delivered the speech in convocation.

The JNUSU was not agreed first to invite any of the visitors from outside to deliver the speech, but when they got to know about Sahani they agreed.

After  many controversies JNU decided to not to hold any convocation further, but now after a long period of time, according to S C Gargoti JNU rector-II, University is again planning to host its second convocation further, The visitor is not yet decided by the University who will address the convocation also, he added that it would be only from the Ph.D. Students this year but gradually they will add the other masters degree as well.

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