Kannauj Medical College: Students injured in college brawl over ragging

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Over a dozen students were reportedly injured in a college fight which took place at the Kannauj Medical College in Uttar Pradesh in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

It was reported that the fight took between two groups of students over ragging inside the college campus in Uttar Pradesh, Police said.

Officials said that the conflict took place between seniors and juniors, where both groups got reportedly involved in a quarrel in the hostel mess during dinner in late night on Tuesday.

Following the incident, Principal D.S. Matoliya and the Chief Medical Superintendent Dilip Singh rushed to the college hostel but failed to bring peace between the students.

In the brawl between the students three guards sustained head injuries, an official said.

While in a statement, college principal said, “We take action whenever any such issue crops up and is established beyond doubt”.

Following the incident, the management has denied the reports of ragging inside the college campus.

However, the college authority told the media they are currently ascertaining the students who were involved in the violence.

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