Karnataka Elections: Congress alliance seems to top BJP

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The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has emerged as the single largest party in the Karnataka elections but it doesn’t seem that it will be able to form the government.

The saffron party is still short of the magic figure 112 to form the government in the southern state.

BJP has 104 seats. Congress has 78 and Deve Gowda’s JDS has 37. The Congress seems to have seized the opportunity and offered unconditional support to the JD(s) to form the government. Jointly the two parties now have 115 seats, which is above the halfway mark.

The counting took place in 222 of 224 seats. Two of the seats, RR Nagar and Jayanagar will see repoll on May 28.

The contest seems to be between, the BJP which has projected BS Yeddyurappa as its chief ministerial candidate and the JD(S) whose leader HD Kumaraswamy could be the next chief minister.

Congress has made it clear that it would be open to sacrificing Siddaramaiah if needed.

The voting which took place in on 12 May saw 72.13 percent voter turnout. Counting of votes was held across 38 centers in 33 districts across the state.

Now it’s up to the Governor to decide both Congress and BJP’s fate.

The BJP says that as the party with most seats, it must get the first crack at forming the government.

BS Yeddyurappa alleged Congress is trying to grab power through back-door, “Karnataka has given the mandate of Congress free Karnataka. The Congress is trying to come back to power and people of Karnataka will not tolerate,” he said.

Earlier, the ruling Congress phoned Deve Gowda this afternoon and allegedly reached the deal.

It must be noted that BJP chief Amit Shah has a solid track record in ensuring BJP forms the government in states where the result has been fractured, for example- Goa.

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