Laptops could be banned from check-in luggage

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The international aviation agencies have come up with a proposal to ban PEDs like laptops check-in bags in a bid to avoid any fire incident on-board flight.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has come up with a proposal wherein to avoid any other further fire incident on-board flight.

The devices which could be affected by the new regulations include tablets, laptops, and cameras.

A report says, “The outcome of the testing indicates that large PEDs in checked baggage mixed with an aerosol can produce an explosion and fire that the aircraft cargo fire suppression system in Class C cargo compartments may not be able to safely manage”.

Following this, it was learned that India will also follow this decision in the coming days.

The aviation agencies have previously banned hover boards from planes due to battery-fire risks.

The paper of ICAO, a UN agency said in a statement, “FAA fire safety branch conducted 10 tests utilizing a fully charged laptop computer inside a suitcase. A heater was placed against a lithium ion cell in the battery of a laptop to force it into thermal runaway…. it was concluded that if a PED is packed in a suitcase with an aerosol can and a thermal runaway event occurs, there is the potential for an aerosol can explosion…. (In some cases) the fire suppression system of the aircraft is then compromised, which could lead to the loss of the aircraft”.

The electronic devices which are already banned in check-in baggage in India include portable mobile chargers, Power banks, e-cigarettes.

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