Madhya Pradesh: Family’s financial problem forced farmer to use daughters to plough fields

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A poor farmer due to some financial crisis, unable to afford oxen to plough his field, in respond to this he used his daughters to pull the plough in the fields near Basantpur Pangri village of Sehore district in Madhya Pradesh.

The farmer claims that he has not enough money to afford oxen for his fields.

“I do not have enough money to buy or take care of bulls for ploughing. Both my daughters quit their schooling due to the financial crisis”, the farmer said.

Ashish Sharma, District Public Relation Officer (DPRO) said in a statement, “The farmer has been instructed not to use children for such activities. Whatever help he can be given under governmental schemes, administration is looking into it”.

It was reported that farmer‘s both daughters Radhika, 14 and Kunti, 11 years have quit their education due to the financial crisis in their family.

However, it was observed that the state Madhya Pradesh is facing the problem of farmer committing suicide due to financial support.

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