Madhya Pradesh: Private School expels BPL student for not paying fee

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In a shocking incident, a private school has allegedly suspended two BPL students for not paying fee on time.

The incident took place in The Global Public School, where the school authorities allegedly suspended the two students because they have not submitted their school fees on time.

Anjali Sharma and Dev Sharma were studying in the first class, were expelled from the school in the mid-session for not paying fees of two years worth Rs. 30,000.

Manoj Sharma, Students father said in a statement, “We belong to the BPL category. My children are studying in the school since 2015, and are now told to pay two years of fees amounting to Rs. 30,000. In two years, I was never asked for the fees nor served any notice about it”.

Later children revealed the truth of the school in which school administration allegedly told the students that they don’t deserve to study as they are poor.

Collector Pannalal Solanki said in a statement, “No institution has the right to expel students in the middle of the session. We’ll take action according to the needs of the students and if they want to study in that school, we’ll make sure they are taken back”.

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