Madhya Pradesh: Students forced to study in Toilet

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In a shocking incident, students from the primary school in Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch district were forced to study in the toilet as the reports suggested, there was no school building.

It was reported that the student was forced to study in the toilet due to poor infrastructure of the school building.

Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Vijay Shah said in a statement, “In the case that has come up, no building has been constructed as yet. We have talked to the collector and the department. We have almost 1.25 lakh schools and in limited resources, it is not possible to build schools. But we are making sure that there is no problem in finding a rented space”.

Kailash Chandra, a school teacher said in a statement, he was forced to make student study in the toilet because there was no building allocated to the school.

It was discovered that it was the same toilet, which was earlier allocated to the goats during rains.

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