Mahagun Moderne : Fake news taking over the news essence

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Mahagun Moderne Noida

Where the trend of breaking news is prevailing in this digital world, there also comes a devil which is also called as paid news or lay man also called it as ‘fake news’ in this era of breaking news.

It was once said and believed that the powers of a journalist lie in his/her writing… By that we mean the piece he/she writes engage the audience in order to know the true fact of the story.

But slowly and gradually the meaning of journalism is changing by each passing day. Where a old school audience reads newspaper to gather latest information around the world… on the other hand, smartphone junkie is always on their smartphone to suit in the world of latest news.

By this new trend of digital media comes into life, where we share a piece of information without cross checking whether all facts which we are sharing with the masses are correct or not.

But what if this mistake or a blunder is done by the individual who serves the audience with the latest happening or in other words, a journalist who practices the profession of journalism, whose job is to collect authentic news from its sources and check it thrice and then write about it.

Following this, here comes a professional who called itself a so-called journalist but fails to stand and proves itself a professional and fair journalist.

With the growing drama of Mahagun Moderne housing society, where riot like situation between residents and villagers is prevailing in full speed there comes an individual who is cooking fake rumors about the instance on different news portals just for gaining some popularity through social media stunt.

What if a professional from journalism background presents the false news, bias news just for the sake of some cheap popularity then what will happen? Riots, tension between some community or may be a war like situation?

The cooked up story by the individual suggested that the maid was brutally beaten up by the employer, but when reported it was cleared that the maid was medically fit which was later confirmed by Govt Medical Officer & SHO Sector 49 Noida.

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