Mahagun Moderne: Riot like situation between residents and villagers, all you need to know

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The residents of Mahagun Moderne housing society woke up with a terror and huge suspense like situation when the villagers vandalized the society premises on Wednesday morning.

It was reported that more than, 300 people gathered outside the gate of Mahagun Moderne around 6 am in the morning and tried to enter the premises.

To make you understand the situation we have prepared the report of the terror like situation in the Mahagun Moderne.

  • It was alleged and proof by one of the residents of the society that maid had stolen Rs 17000, seven days back from a resident’s house.
  • After going through the CCTV footage which was later handover to the police proof that maid is guilty on her path.
  • The CCTV footage also proof that maid all of a sudden left the house of the resident and got vanished from the situation.
  • on the other hand, some individuals without knowing all the facts was spreading many rumors and fake updates on the social media platform about the instance just to gain some popularity. But the truth says, she was neither confined by anyone, nor beaten, nor did she fall sick.
  • After cooking a fake story and including his husband too, the maid was hiding in the premises of the complex itself in another vacant tower which was later detected by the guard.
  • In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the villagers and maid’s neighbors came forcefully inside the premises of the housing society and allegedly started throwing the stone on the residents of the mahagun modere.
  • It was believed that the villagers badly ransacked the house of the employer.
  • The rumors also suggested that the maid was not fit and was beaten up by the employer, but the truth which was reported is she was found medically fit upon examination which was confirmed by Govt Medical Officer. & SHO Sec-49.
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