Max Hospital: Newborn wrongly declared dead, dies a week after

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In a shocking incident, a premature baby who was delivered to Max Hospital and was declared dead by the city’s Max Super Specialty Hospital on November 30, died on Wednesday.

It was reported that the 22-week premature baby was wrongly declared dead by the Max Super Specialty Hospital.

According to reports, on December 1, twin premature babies were declared dead by the Super Specialty Hospital and were handed over in a polythene bag to the parents, where they realized some movement in one of the babies and later found him alive before performing the last rites.

Reports said the twin premature baby was delivered on 30 November 2017.

Ashish Kumar, baby’s father said in a statement, “Doctors declared our baby dead at 12 p.m. However, we will not receive the body as we want the doctors of Max Hospital to be arrested first as they had declared our baby dead earlier”.

Following the incident, a case was registered under the section of 308 of the Indian Penal code.

On the other hand, on December 2, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has said the hospital’s license could be canceled if the probe would found it guilty of medical negligence.

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