Meerut: 5-year-old girl offers her piggy bank as bribe to Police

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In a shameful act of dowry, it has been discovered that a five-year-old girl walked into the office of IG police in Meerut district and urged the police, to arrest those who are responsible for her mother’s death in return of her piggy bank.

The little girl said she has learnt that “Sab kehte hain ki paise ke bina kuchh nahin hoga”.

It was reported that 5-year-old Manvi, who lives in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh visited Inspector General Ram Kumar office on Tuesday.

Manvi’s mother, Seema Kaushik has allegedly committed suicide after getting harassed by her in-laws and husband.

Following this, the girl was accompanied by her grandfather to the police station and offered her piggy bank as a bribe to arrest those responsible for her mother’s death.

Manvi told the cops, “Take this, but arrest those who forced my mother to commit suicide”.

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