Meet Melethuveettil Sasi, disabled man who carved Road through Hill in Kerala

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Melethuveettil Sasi

After Manjhi the Mountain man, who carved road through hill to his village, now it’s time to meet Melethuveettil Sasi, disabled man from Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district who has nearly achieved his goal , by carving a 200-metre road through the hill in front of his house.

Sasi worked for six hours daily for 3 year to accomplish his goal which is beneficial for his family and five commuters to connect the other parts of area.

Since the age of fifteen, Sasi had been a coconut tree climber but unfortunately he fell from tree eighteen years ago and it took numbers of year to get recovered from injury as one side of his body got paralysed and his hands and legs were broken badly.

Following this tragedy his family suffered a lot, his sons had to quit their education and started earning to meet up basic necessities and for his treatment.

Some years ago, Sasi had an idea of buying a three-wheeler scooter so that he can sell lottery tickets to support his family despite of his disability. He approached to the Panchayat for some financial help to buy a three-wheeler scooter.

Despite of helping him some of the officers laughed at him, and asked him if he would fly the scooter over the hill blocking his house.

After not receiving any help from Panchayat officers, he decided to carve the straight road himself from hill to his house road with the help of pickaxe and a shovel.

He has nearly achieved his goal only few metres of work is left due to electric poll on the road he is continuously visiting to the officials for relocation of the pole.  After this he will fully accomplish his goal.

This article has been published with inputs of The News Minute.

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