Momos threat: 25 people fall sick after consuming Momos in Delhi

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Momos shops are common on the streets of entire India. In India, Momos are consumed by the people starting from the age 6 years to 80 years old, but in the recent time, it has become the biggest threat to India.

No matter from whatever restaurant or road we are eating, by paying just 20-30 or 40 bucks, but the matter of the fact is that is that really safe? Does it pass the hygiene test?

In the recent development, at least 25 people were reported has fallen ill and two children are critical after eating momos in Delhi’s Rajpur Khurd village.

It was reported that the children were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Following this, the family members of the children have registered a case against the shop owner in Mehrauli Police station.

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