MSRDC sets one-way toll charge at Rs 250 for Bandra-Versova Sea Link

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Motorists running in the famous Mumbai’s Sea Link which connects Bandra to Versova will have to pay Rs 250 as toll charges after it will be made operational in 2013, a media report has said.

“The one-way toll for light motor vehicles that will play on the proposed Bandra-Versova Sea Link (BVSL) has for now been set at Rs 250, which is the same amount a Mumbaiker shells out to buy 3 litres of petrol, as per projections of the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC),” a media report said.

Earlier the state government in December had accorded administrates approval for the Versova-Bandra Sea link project, eight years after the state cabinet committee on Infrastructure cleared it.

“The per-kilometer toll charged for the 17 kilometers- long BVSL is projected to be Rs 19.80, while on the Bandra Worli Sea link, the toll charge is Rs 12 per kilometer, while the toll that light commercial vehicles will be charged between Bandra and Versova has been set at Rs 380, which is around Rs 30 per kilometer,” it said.

The toll, projected to be collected over 28 years, will recover the project’s construction cost.

The 17.17 km-long V-B project will help commuters skip 14 traffic signals, is likely to used by around 45500 vehicles, including cars, buses, and trucks in 2023.

The first 5.6-km Bandra-Worli sea link was thrown open for public in 2009 after 23 years of being under construction.

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