Mumbai 26/11 attacks: Mastermind of Mumbai attack freed by Pakistan court

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In the recent development, a Pakistani court has announced the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attacks will be released from the house arrest in Pakistan.

The Pakistan government failed to provide any evidence to the court as for why Hafiz Saeed was kept under house arrest.

It was reported that Terrorist Hafiz Saeed was given the order of house arrest in January.

Following the decision, Mastermind of Mumbai 26/11 attack will be freed tomorrow.

The court has rejected the Pakistani government’s request to extend the duration of terrorist house arrest by three months.

Hafiz Saeed term will be expiring next week.

The board headed by Justice Abdul Sami Khan said in a statement, “The government is ordered to release JuD chief Hafiz Saeed if he is not wanted in any other case”.

It was learned that the United States has $10 million for years to alleged Saeed in the Mumbai attack.

An official said in a statement, “The government cannot afford to set Saeed free in the current circumstance. It cannot face an international backlash in the event of releasing the JuD chief”.

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