Mumbai: Police discovers beheaded woman’s body scattered across the city

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In a bone-chilling incident, the Mumbai Police has discovered the severed head of Priyanka gurav (23), who reportedly went missing on April 5.

It was reported that her head was discovered wrapped in a plastic bag from a forest near Shahapur-Nashik Road of Thane. On the other hand, her torso was discovered drained in Navi Mumbai.

Priyanka Gurav, a resident of Worli, who recently got married to Siddesh Gurav went missing four days after her marriage took place on the outskirts of Mumbai.

In a statement, Police Officer said, “The family said the woman had gone missing after he left home for a job interview. Her husband, with whom she had a love marriage, registered a missing person’s case with the Worli police”.

It was learnt that in connection with the horrific incident, police has arrested Priyanka’s husband, his father Manohar Sitaram Gurav (50), mother Madhuri (48), Pradeep Jain and Durgesh Patwa.

As per the reports, Siddesh’s parents want to get rid of Priyanka as she was forcing their son to marry her.

This is the horrific incident which has been witnessed in Mumbai, where the newly-wed woman’s dead body was found scattered across the Mumbai city.

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