Mumbai’s Mahim Nature Park under threat

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The Maharashtra Govt has come under fire by opposition and Mumbaikars regarding Mahim Nature Park.

The government has proposed to bring the Natural Park under re-development area for Dharavi slums.

Environmentalists including political parties like Shiv Sena and Congress have started a #SaveMNP drive on social media. They have also urged people to write to the Maharashtra Govt and Chief Minister Devendra to withdraw the proposal.

The 18.6 hectares Mahim National Park (MNP) is a home to hundreds of species of butterflies, birds, reptiles, and trees.

The inclusion of MNP in the project was proposed by Maharashtra Govt  Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) to increase land availability for re-development of Dharavi slums.

Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray took to Twitter to slam the government over the move. It said,” Hon’ble CM sir, the MMRCL is hacking trees in Mumbai, esp Aarey. Now Govt what’s builders to take over Mahim Nature Park. Destruction of environment isn’t called Development. Why is Govt looting Mumbai of its open and green spaces?”

“I request the Govt to have someone who loves Mumbai, understands Mumbai to depute for planning. Don’t monetize our city’s green spaces. The attempt to let builders build inside Mahim Nature Park is disgraceful. Must withdraw it immediately.” He added.

A former Minister and Congress also tweeted,” Never before have the Maharashtra Govt & BMC held a brief for builders & brazenly tried to encroach on Mumbai’s open spaces. Mahim Nature Park today. Priyadarshini Park tomorrow. Wake up Mumbai. Let’s claim our public places by getting rid of these crooks.”

The proposal’s notification was issued on March 5. People are given one month’s time to raise their objections.

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