National Herald newspaper re-launched by Rahul Gandhi

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Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has re-launched the National Herald newspaper which was first launched by his great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru in 1938.

During the re-launch event, Rahul Gandhi delivered a speech to the reporters who were present at the commemoration.

While taking a dig at BJP, Rahul Gandhi said, “Power of truth is being completely replaced by the truth of power”.

While asking the newspaper editors to follow the truth he said, “The National Herald should speak the truth”.

“The National Herald has a spirit and it won’t be silenced”, Gandhi said.

Speaking to the journalist, Gandhi said, “National Herald should speak the truth, criticize the Congress whenever you feel like. If you want to say something about me or my party, I want you to say those things and be comfortable saying them. Speak the truth, don’t be silent. That’s what we expect at the national level (too),”


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