Negligence by Doctor: Newborn baby declared dead, found alive minutes before burial

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In a recent case of negligence by the doctors, it was discovered that a newborn baby was allegedly declared dead by the staff members at Safdarjung hospital when a resident of Badarpur gave birth to a baby on Sunday morning in Delhi.

In the morning hours of Sunday, a Badarpur resident gave birth to a baby at Safdarjung hospital but hospital staff couldn’t find any sign of sign of breathing and declared the new born baby dead.

“The doctor and the nursing staff declared the baby dead and sealed the body in a pack, labelled it and handed it over to us for burial”, said Rohit, Father of the child.

The mother’s condition was not stable and remained at the hospital, whereas the father of the baby and other family members went back home and made the preparations for the burial.

But at the time of burying the body Rohit’s sister found some movement in the sealed packet, when opened it, they found the baby was breathing and moving its limbs.

Immediately a PCR call was made by the family members and the baby was rushed to Apollo Hospital and then shifted to Safdarjung hospital.

The angry and disappointed father stated, “How can they be so irresponsible and declare a baby, who is alive, as dead? If we had not opened the sealed pack in time, my baby really would have died and we would never have come to know the truth. This is a gross negligence on the part of the hospital and the guilty should be punished”.

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