Noida : Gharelu Kamgar Union, a maids union boycott Mahagun Moderne society

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Mahagun Moderne

The Gharelu Kamgar Union (GKU) has announced that maids will not work in Mahagun Moderne society, untill all of maids including the 81 banned maids are taken back on work.

Earlier, 81 maids have been banned from the society since they were part of the attack and they were recognized through CCTV footage.

Dr Maya John, convener (GKU) said no domestic help would go to work unless and until all of them are taken back on work. “We condemn the high-handed and anti-poor approach of Union minister Mahesh Sharma, who held a meeting with Mahagun residents on Sunday and sided with the residents by insinuating that the domestic workers involved in the incidents of 11th and 12th July are ‘Bangladeshis’,” she said.

Bharatiya Janata Party MP, Dr Mahesh Sharma, mention that he will not compromise on law-and-order and take action against the culprits at the earliest.

“We know that domestic workers would suffer in terms of their livelihood, but the decision has been taken for their welfare. The union cares for their rights and we don’t want them without work. This call will definitely press the residents to accept all domestic workers back on work,” Maya John added.

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