Noida: School boy suffers hearing loss after slap bet

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In a video which is going viral on the social media platform discovers that a student of a private school in Noida was being allegedly slapped by an another student which caused the hearing loss.

The incident took place September 4 in the school premises at around 2 pm.

The incident was discovered on Thursday where a student of Pathways School in Noida was allegedly beaten up by his fellow mate which has caused him 25% hearing loss.

It was reported that the boy who was capturing the video was heard saying the words “Snapchat story”.

According to national daily Victim’s Father has written a letter citing the incident to the school principal which reads:

“We are writing you this email with respect to the incident that took place with my son (name withheld), within the school premises and within the normal school timings, on 4.09. 2017 around 14:00 hours. The incident has been recorded on video where it can be clearly seen that few students of the school have surrounded my son, and one of them is recording the whole incident on his phone for the purpose of “snapchat story”. It can be further seen that our son is a great deal of stress and fear and is helpless for so many students have surrounded him”.

Following this, school authorities have suspended the accused on Wednesday.

Dr. Shalini Advani, Pathways School director, said in a statement, “Three boys have been suspended from school — the one who slapped for one month and two others who assisted for two weeks. The boys will make a public apology in front of everyone. They will reflect on their learning from this. They have all written letters of apology to the boy and his parents”.

The school authorities have responded to the incident which took inside the premises by quoting, “This is a rather unfortunate incident. However, this is not a bullying incident. It is the outcome of a consensual peer ‘slap bet’ episode that a few Pathways School Noida students had among themselves. Pathways School Noida has been swift in responding to the situation and has taken appropriate action with the involvement of parents of the students involved.”

(Source: Hindustan Times)

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