Odisha: Father sold his son for Rs. 25,000

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In a spine-chilling incident, a man from the Bhadrak district of Odisha has allegedly sold his eleven-month-old son for Rs. 25,000. The man spent the money in buying mobile phone, silver anklet and alcohol.

It was reported that the man was arrested by the Odisha police for allegedly selling his son for mere Rs. 25,000.

The accused was identified as Balaram Mukhi by the Bhadrak police.

SSP Sahoo said in a statement, “He works as a sweeper and seems to be a habitual drinker”.

Mukhi works as a sweeper and is a habitual drinker, police said.

The police told the media the man spent the money in buying a mobile phone for Rs. 2,000, Rs. 1,500 on a silver anklet for his daughter, one saree for his wife and the rest of the money was spent on buying alcohol.

Following this, the man has been arrested by the police.

Manoj Rout, Inspector-in-charge of the Bhadrak Town Police Station told the media, “Sethi’s wife had been suffering from depression after their only son died and he had told his acquaintances to look for a child they could adopt so that his wife recovers”.

Anup Sahoo, Bhadrak’s Superintendent of Police (SSP) told the media, Mukhi has no source of regular income.

However, the police are also questioning his wife in the same.


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