Odisha: Tribal man carries parents on shoulders

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In a commendable move, a tribal man seeking justice in a fake case against him allegedly carried his parents on shoulders and walked about 40 km to the court near Moroda village in Odisha.

The man was identified as Kartik Singh, who hails from  Moroda village Odisha’s district of Mayurbhanj.

Singh claimed that Moroda Police has registered a fake case against him and sent him to prison for almost eighteen days in the year 2009.

Following this, Kartik Singhwas outcasted by the villagers.

Advocate Prabhudan Marandi said in a statement, “It is not the first time something like this is happening. Several false cases are being filed”.

Karthik says that he is an educated man, but unable to find a job for himself and feed his parents as a case a registered against him in the court from last 6-7 years.

Social activist Kumar Patra said, “The state and the Central government have several schemes for the upliftment of the socially and financially backward classes, but everything is out of his reach and the Government representatives or political parties have not noticed anything”.

It was further added, “Kartik is drowned so much in debt that he cannot feed his parents or himself”.

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