Once again swami Om cracks up the audience with his moron statements !!!

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Swami Om has not left any instance and hence turned his personality as the half-witted person as the fresh controversy will crack you in laughter with his brainless remarks.

If you were missing the ruckus of the self-proclaimed God man then we have a surprise for you as the sainted man has spare no effort to stay in the glare of publicity.

In his recent interaction with the media, he claims that the incident which has shaken the Northern India with its recent Uttarakhand earthquake has occurred because people are continuously behaving badly with him.

The self-proclaimed strongly claims that he is a Shiv Putra and Lord Shiva will punish all those people who are insulting him. Also, a massive earthquake will occur soon if people will not stop insulting him.

Swami Om has managed to be in the public eye through his bizarre remarks and quarrel on the reality show Bigg Boss 10 and this is not all, he even threatened to stop the grand finale of Bigg Boss 10.

However, the man who had gained numerous controversies from the reality show was ejected from the Bigg Boss house after he threw pee on fellow Bigg Boss mates.


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