Only AAP Government can Stop Casinos in Goa claims Delhi CM: Arvind Kejriwal

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In a recent video message, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claims that only AAP Government can stop the casinos in Goa.

According to the Agencies, the 17- minute Video message was specially made for the Goans by the Delhi CM. He also showcased the accomplishments made by the AAP Govt which includes Mohalla clinics, upgraded government schools in Delhi to urge for the votes in coming Assembly Elections 2017.

“Everyone in Goa wants casinos to shut shop. Both the BJP and the Congress could not do it because leaders from both parties are tied up with the casino lobby. Only the AAP can stop casinos. It can stop the ruin of Goan culture,” Kejriwal added during delivering the message to the Goans.

Kejriwal likewise encouraged voters to overlook the Congress, as voting in favor of the Congress would mean a split of votes and support the BJP.

“Please do not split votes. Congress is over. Congress is not in the race. If some of you vote the Congress and others for AAP, the vote will be split and BJP will come back to power,” he added in his message.

Lastly, Kejriwal said that everyone should vote for AAP and those who are going to vote for BJP he has a special set of questions ready for them to ask, which includes:

Did BJP give you anything?
Did BJP give you a mohalla center?
Did BJP give you good governance?

Kejriwal added that “BJP gave you only Corruption and Communalism. So those who vote for the BJP, please do not vote for them”.

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