Padmaavat Released Today: High Protest against the Film, No Show in 4 States

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After high security Padmaavat released today faced much violence and criticism in many of the states.

After getting the clearance from the Supreme Court & the censor board the film Padmaavat is released today under high-security due to the heavy protest against the release. But faces boycott completely in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujrat & Bihar.

Police have increased the security after seeing the violence raised by many social groups in roads and front of theatres over the release of the film.

In Jaipur, the Rajput Karni Sena is quite active in the protest and damaged the roadways buses in Jaipur

In Gujrat above 300 people have been detained as they are continually damaging the public property.

The film is also receiving the support from some of the southern states, but on the other part, the film is not getting support in North India as there is a high protest going on in some major cities of Uttar Pradesh.

One man was detained by the police in Varanasi for self-immolation in front of a movie theatre.

Protestors burned buses and tyres in many different parts of Uttar Pradesh states.

In Delhi, the police had doubled the security with some special police forces like commandos and paramilitary forces since Wednesday due to the release of the film a day before the Republic day.

Although the film had already received a clearance from SC to release all over the states by refusing some states plea to stay ban on the film release in their city, but still the film is totally screened off from the BJP ruling cities as the cinema hall’s owners are not ready to screen the film due to heavy protest by the people and the situation is turning to a big violence on the day of the release of the film.

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