Patients without Aadhaar have to pay 10 times more for registration at AIIMS

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Patients who don’t have Aadhaar card have to pay 10 times more for registration fees at AIIMS.

Currently registration fee is Rs 10, but for without Aadhaar card patients it will be Rs 100. This measure is taken to encourage cashless transactions and simplified patients database structure.

For the patient who will provide Aadhaar card, soon registration will be free, this move is expected to be effective from January 2017. Dr Deepak Agrawal, chairman, computerisation, AIIMS said linking Aadhaar card will ensure that only one UHID is generated for each patient who visits the hospital which will help in maintaining simplified patients database information

Hospital  have witnessed number of such cases , in which patients are  having multiple of Unique Health Identification (UHID) numbers to curb this kind of situation, the measure of  linking Aadhaar card became necessary.

AIIMS is also planning to launch Prepaid Schemes to encourage digital transactions which will enable cashless treatment.

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