PM Modi takes a sneer at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, says ‘the earthquake finally came’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday took a sneer at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi while addressing Lok  Sabha during the parliament session.

While taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi’s statement which he said on December 9 last year, “If they allow me to speak in Parliament on demonetisation you will see what an earthquake will come”. In Reference to this PM Modi said,”I was wondering why the earthquake came. When someone see ‘SEVA’ or any positive virtue in the word ‘SCAM’ then mother earth would definitely become upset”.

On the other hand, congress reaction came on its Twitter account by tweeting in response to PM Modi’s speech, “using a natural calamity, like earthquakes, to make a political point shows the depths to which he will descend to”.

  • Firstly, PM Modi thanked the President for his address to the joint sitting of the Parliament
  • While expressing his concern over the earthquake which took place in Uttarakhand last night. He said,  “Sometimes, Mother Earth is also unhappy”
  • He said, I was wondering why the earthquake came
  • While asking the question in his address to Lok Sabha, what was the reason that MNERGA was ammended 1035 times
  • While taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi he said, how come anyone see any positive sight like ‘SEVA’ or any positive sight in context to the word like ‘SCAM’.( ,jab koi SCAM mein bhi seva,namrata ka bhaav dekhta hai to dharti maa bhi dukhi ho jaati hai aur bhukamp aata hai.)
  • While speaking on Jan Shakti  he said, It is due to this ‘Jan Shakti’ that the son of a poor mother can become the Prime Minister of India.


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