PM Modi’s mother visits bank in Gandhinagar to exchange old notes

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Heeraben Modi

It has been a week since PM Modi announced the demonetisation on currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 which has created ruckus among the citizens.

Following the rule amended by PM Modi, his mother Heeraben Modi, 96-year-old visited Gandhinagar bank to exchange old currency notes worth Rs 4,500. She waited in the long queue for her turn to come. She gave nine 500-rupee notes and five 100-rupee notes and for that she had received one 2,000-rupee note and two groups of 10-rupee notes.

Meanwhile Azam Khan calls BJP government hollow for making stand in bank queue. Khan said, “Had I known that prime minister’s mother is going to stand in a line to withdraw money at this age, I would have done anything but would not have let her struggle like this, I would have stood in her place. This was an unnecessary step, this was not pleasant, this shows that how hollow is BJP and the centre”.

Kapil Sibal, Congress Spokesperson said, “I am very sad. No good son ever wants that his 96-year-old mother has to face such a situation and they boast of a 56-inch chest.”

Congress Leader Rashid Alvi asked question from PM Modi that, “If a son cannot look after his own mother, how can one expects him to look after the people of the country”?

We hope that the important step taken by our PM will be equally essential for our country to develop.

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