PM Narendra Modi expresses that “Science and technology” will be an important subject in UK-India ties

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Narendra Modi

UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on UK-India Tech summit which is taking place in capital New Delhi.

PM Narendra Modi said science, technology and innovation have a significant role in India’s bilateral engagement with the UK.

“To boost entrepreneurship, science and technology are very important. Science, technology and innovation have a very significant role in our (India-UK) relationship,” Modi added.

Modi also thanked UK Prime Minister Theresa May for picking India as her first respective visit outside Europe.

“We must encourage greater mobility and participation of young people in education and research opportunities”.

“Our countries face economic challenges which directly affect trade and commerce. We together have to create new opportunities”. Modi said in the UK-summit.

Reports said that UK Prime Minister announces that the Indians traveling to the UK will be made easier as the registered travel scheme would be introduced for the convenience of the Indians.

“In Britain, we are working on economic and social reforms,” said May.

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