Pradyuman Murder Case: Court Denies Bail To Accused

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The Gurgaon Session court denies the bail, to the accused who murdered the Pradyuman Thakur a 7- year- old boy.

The 16-year-old accused also has to submit a fine of Rs. 21000 through his father, which must be submitted in three months.

According to the CBI, the accused had already accepted the killing of Pradyuman Thakur, who was the student of the second standard from the same school with the motive to postpone the parent-teacher meeting and the upcoming examinations in the school.

The case took place on 8th September 2017, in Gurgaon when a seven-year-old boy was found dead inside the school under the mysterious circumstances after which the bus conductor of the school had been arrested by the Gurgaon police as accused. But, later the investigation was handed over to the CBI.

After a few days of the investigation, the CBI checked the CCTV footage again of the cameras outside the school washroom where the Pradyuman was murdered and came to know that the 16-year-old boy of the same school was the last one to leave the washroom after which the CBI released the arrested bus conductor and the accused was arrested immediately.

The Juvenile Justice Board said that the teen will be tried as an adult and was known of all the actions. The accused had asked for the bail, but the justice board has denied the request and decided that the accused will be treated as an adult and will have to stay in a correctional home until he turns 21 after which he will be transferred to the jail or grant him bail.

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