Puducherry: Kiran Bedi jumps over fence at Karaikal Hospital

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Puducherry Lieutenant Governor (LG) and retired IPS officer Kiran Bedi climbed a fence of a governmental hospital on Thursday.

The incident took place on Thursday when the Puducherry Lieutenant Governor (LG) Kiran Bedi was on a field visit in Karaikal hospital when the officials misplaced its keys.

Following this, Bedi jumps off the brick fence in the premises of the government hospital.

It was reported that she was on a five-day visit to Karaikal, which is an enclave of the union territory.

The retired IPS officer Kiran Bedi wanted to inspect a statue of the “Our Lady of Lourdes” which was reportedly kept in shed encircled by the 3.5-foot- high brick fence in the premises of the hospital.

While waiting outside the hospital premises, she told the collector, “If they do not report to work at Karaikal, hold their salary for this month”.

Following this, she was kept waiting as the hospital authorities misplaced the keys, she suddenly jumped over the fence to enter the shed.

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